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How it Works

PRISTINE has been designed from the ground up for flexibility.

Major features include:
1. Recording all user pumping volume, date/time, valve activity, rates of flow, logins/outs, and timeouts
2. Monitoring and control of multiple pumpout points at a single location
3. Flexibility of installation of valves, pumps, user terminals (PINpads) and meters – easing the installation of equipment by the appropriately skilled engineers.
For example:

  a. Sharing of user PINpads across many pumpout points
  b. Multiple pumpout berths through a single pump flow
4. Enforcement of user login before pumps can operate(optional)
5. Remote management by dialup, internet, or SMS over the GSM network
6. Information retrieval by dialup or internet
7. Straightforward data files than can be easily imported into various spreadsheet and/or ODBC database system

Create your own database, or use ours. The PRISTINE Database is simple to manage and report on vessel pumping activity. User codes created are sent out to PRISTINE field-based systems. Activity is retrieved and reported.

1. Valve to prevent use until logged in
2. Pump that can be pumped through, or turned on for vacuum operation
3. Flow detector used to prevent dry running, check meter function, and to detect pumping completion
4. Meter measures flow volume
5. User terminal for logging in (display and PINpad)
User terminals may be located at each pumpout point – or shared between groups of pumpout points.

"Pristine" Database Reports on Pump out Usage

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